Cablevision: Broadcasting movies on DVD release day



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Cablevision announced a new idea that might just work. ‘Popcorn DVDs On Demand’ would allow Cablevision’s digital subscribers to order a DVD via their remote on the day of its DVD release. The…

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And can someone please explain to me why ANYONE would use this service??? Maybe I dont understand the article. The service allows anyone to rent a DVD for 24 hours on the day of the DVDs release but they have to pay the purchase price of the DVD just for the right to view the movie 24 hours??? What the hell I am missing here??? I have to be missing something in this article because otherwise its just a ludicrous idea. Someone please help me?


Lmao Dishnetwork already has many Same day dvd movie releases on PPV going back for months now for $1.99 all day. And many people are on FTA satelite so all free. Do I care if people are doing this?? NO!!!. China is now getting SAME DAY dvd releases as same day they hit the theaters so question becomes why a new movie $2 there and here 19.98? Well that darn inflation People are starting to wake up I guess every company LIES to you even the ones you like and support Ford- Build’s cars here but yet their European models are very different there than here… they get 2 times more fuel economy ( government mandated) and much more power with half the friken engine L or size… WTF is up with that!!! In fact all the big 3 Jokers all do this shit!!! Let the burners burn make these idiot companies realize once you pay for it YOU OWN IT!!! :g


Hmm, I wonder if the DVDs from this service will cost the same $8.88 that Wal-mart charges or the $19.95 list price…