Cable TV under fire for degrading HD quality

MINNEAPOLIS - In Brent Swanson’s basement home theater, there should be nothing drab about “Battlestar Galactica.” He’s got a high-end projector that beams the picture onto a wall painted like a silver screen, and speakers loom in the corners, flanking two big subwoofers.



Why doesn’t that surprise me? I guess the safe way to go in the future is Satellite dish. They probably squeeze that signal somewhere along the line too.
I actually just cancelled some Shaw cable HD channels yesterday because they were charging me and extra $22.00 a month for two HD Movie Central channels and a HD sports channel. Not worth it IMHO.

Correct, that’s why we had the QAM review.

I have Shaw’s HD and HD extra package, but I am kind of in the same vote as you are in regards to the HD movie channel packages. I refuse to pay that amount per month.

I am interested to see what’s going to happen here in the next day are so when they bring on line the new HD channels.


Going sat isnt a guarantee for not-limited-transmissions. :wink:

Not too surprising. Sometimes, many of my “HD” channels from Verizon FIOS looks like “DVD” quality on my Plasma screen. In my experience, the only consistent channel is Food Network. The video is perfect, the audio is rich with deep bass. Other channels, depending on source, sometimes looks like DVD or less.