Cable TV Industry Kicks off Pilot UHD Broadcasts



The world’s first pilot UHD broadcasts have kicked off. The KCTA (Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Associations) on Wednesday opened pilot channels for UHD broadcasts, provided by five multiple system operators (MSO). The opening of pilot channels for UHD broadcasts came six months earlier than the initial plan and approximately a year earlier than the Japanese industry.

The KCTA held the “Cable UHD Pilot Broadcast Switch-on” Event in Seoul on Wednesday to announce the start of pilot UHD broadcasts.

Accordingly, the participating five MSOs open their own channels for UHD broadcasts and offer UHD broadcasts to six households in each of the cable TV service areas.

The domestic cable TV industry initially planned to begin pilot UHD broadcasts early next year, but decided to advance the pilot run date by 6 months with a view to commercializing UHD broadcasts at an earlier date. As a result, the commercialization of UHD broadcasts will be advanced from 2015 to 2014.

To that end, the cable TV industry plans to invest a total of KRW 720 billion by 2017 with KRW 50 billion for this year and KRW 160 billion for next year.




So, is the UHD spec going to have a requirement to use only fiber optic cabling to connect external speakers? Isn’t it about time they started to mainstream it?