Cable TV cord cutting cancellations are due to a down economy

Cable TV cord cutting cancellations are due to a down economy.


Research group In-Stat released a new study indicating pay-TV subscriber households actually dropped for the first time in quite a while. Analysts initially believed the decrease was due to internet TV, but they then found that the sluggish economy and high unemployment were to blame as the primary reason.

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I’ve considered cancelling my Dish satellite service many time, and the reason is it’s getting so damn expensive. I’m spending almost a hundred bucks a month to watch TV, and that’s nuts! The problem is, while broadcast TV is (still) free, there’s just not that much on it that I think is worth watching (maybe one or two programs a night).

We as consumers, at some point, need to stop paying these outrageous prices. Maybe that time is coming, as more and more people can no longer afford it.

We’re on bare bones basic cable and NetFlix, total cost about $25 a month. The next tier of cable costs $40 and just doesn’t seem worth it. If I could get decent OTA here I’d drop that $15 worth of cable too…

Well, I am sure the economy is a factor. Comcasts recent digital conversion hasn’t helped either.

The service is bad with drop outs and outages almost daily. On demand is a complete mess - someone needs to straighten out the on screen menus and protocols - it really sucks. Comcast customer service sucks as bad as ever - no matter how much Comcast keeps telling you they have great service. They still try to pitch you to buy more bad service when you call with a problem rather tthan actually fixing the issue. Customer credits for outages and disrupted service should be automatic - not something you have to call, wait and beg for.

Comcast Internet throttling, content filtering and usage caps stack up pretty heavily against their boasts of lots of bandwidth (which is the exception more than the rule). With some cable networks devoting near half of their on air day to paid programming it does make a consumer question exactly what he is getting for his money too. Additionally Comcast is making NBC properties lower tier while pushing Fox Business to an upper tier. Gee does this manipulations of ratings (and advertising revenue) have anything to do with the acquisition of NBC by Comcast? DUH???

I gave Comcast the boot two years ago. They came in, took the boxes, put the stump on the cable end, and shut off the outside box. Got me 2 roach clips, and some speaker wires, and get roughly 80 channels. I have not cut their wires, exposing them, or done anything that could be construed as illegal. They just happen to have a high frequency running through it, and my tuners just happen to pick them up. Man, didn’t they sucker us, with all that, “Converting to digital will cost us billions.” What they meant was, “With this new technology, only our DVR’s, PPV, and On-Demand will work on these. We’re going to make trillions.”

Currently off an attic antenna I get 21 English language channels for free. 12 of those are in HD. That doesn’t count repeats and Spanish language channels, and when the LPs all get converted over by 2012 I’ll have more. If I were to go with Compost’s (Comcast) “basic” service, It would cost me $25 a month and I’d lose channels, and all of my HD channels. Just talked to a co-worker where Compost just jacked his bill up from $56 to $114. Do they really think they are going to keep their business doing that?

There are a lot of people out there that think that broadcast TV is still three or four channels of snow. They don’t realize network TV a PBS is HD in most areas and that there are tons of “sub-channels”. Once people realize it isn’t 1996 anymore cable will have to watch out.

Just make sure when you CANCEL THE ACCOUNT you tell them WHY… if the service sucks SAY IT, if it’s too expensive TELL THEM THAT TOO, SPEAK UP!

If your internet is throttled, demand they do better… if not take your business elsewehre… heck, even start up your own ISP. It’s not impossible anyrmore to overcome the intense lobbying from mega monopolies when you’ve got a mob of angry FORMER comcast customers with you!