Cable to pc laptop recording >> Hauppauge?

My cable provider “broadcasts” in a variety of formats: analog, digital, hi-def. I’ve a Scientific Atlanta digital video recording cable box so I can recieve all channel formats. After recording several sports shows to the cable DVR box and now wish to move them, or portions, to my pc for use/editing. I’ve tried my Pinnacle Movie Box; Dazzle; PCTV Mini USB Stick; none of them do the job.:a I see that Hauppauge sells a Win-TV-HVR 950Q HybridTV Stickv (model 01191) that suports digital & analog signls.

Does anyone know if this would work: Connect the PC to the RCA or S-Video out jack on the cable box via the Stick mentioned; play the recorded program on the DVR; capture the video on the pc? ANY help appreciated & I’m open to suggestions. :bow: Thx!

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Do you know for sure that the DVR box will even allow recordings to be made via the output sockets?

Yup. The cable box allows for “copying to a vcr” from a DVR recorded program. I assume I can then “capture” that recording from the VHS tape but prefer to come direct from the cable box to the pc to avoid signal degredation.

Hauppauge does make a real good product. I’ve had my PVR USB2 for about four years now and when I upgrade to a digital tuner it will likely be a Hauppauge.