Cable to connect a standard USB type B (not A) to a mini interface USB B whit 4 pines


I need to connect my Benq 1621 thru firewire but de connection in the back of the recorder is not USB type A but B, and the connection to the notebook is IEEE 1394/firewire.

So, can anyone tell me where can I find a cable or a adaptor that connects a standard USB type B (not A) to a mini interface USB B whit 4 pines (IEEE 1394/firewire).

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Preacher Man

So you want to connect a USB device up to a firewire port? doesn’t your BenQ also have a firewire port on the back?, (as far as im aware) no adapter exists as USB and firewire are both completely different

Mr B2 is right!

The Benq EW1621 is a USB drive, not firewire.

Every laptop made in the last 4 years has USB. If you have no spare USB ports, I suggest you either buy a PCMCIA USB2 card, or you buy a USB2 Hub which will transform 1 usb port into several.

And the cable you need is a USB ‘A’ to a USB ‘B’ cable.

‘A’ is the standard flatish one all PC’s & laptops.
‘B’ type is the sort-of squarish one that is standard for most USB external drives.

Of course I’ve a USB port, more rigorously I’ve a USB 1.1 ports. So I’ve a USB 2 (high speed) BenQ DVD recorder and two USB1.1 ports that’s why I want to connect it to the firewire. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to record a DVD in a Pentium 4 at 2.6 GZ. I’m well aware that the Benq EW1621 is a USB drive, not firewire, but I would like to see if it work in the firewire port. I saw some information on the net that it can be done by firewire I just need an adapter to try it.

I also have the firmware but in my case is not a good option because it only work well in high speed connections and the only high speed connection that I have is one IEEE 1394/ firewire port.

Regarding the suggestions of buying a PCMCIA USB2 card, or a USB2 Hub which will transform one USB port into several, this is no solution. Sorry to disappointing you guys but my notebook doesn’t have an entrance for a PCMCIA USB2 card, and secondly, a USB2 Hub doesn’t improve the speed of my connection. A USB 1.1 always be a USB1.1 even when connected to a USB 2 high-speed hub. So my problem is not the number of ports, but the fact that I’ve a high speed device witch can be plug into a high speed port but unhappily my high speed port its from a standard that most of the high speed devices doesn’t have - a firewire port to connect it.

My notebook is prepared to work whit firewire but most of the devices only have a USB2 to connect it (this is the case of the External 1621 BenQ DVD recorder. Some people in the industry that make this devices should think that some computers already have a firewire connection port and don’t have a USB2 (strange but true) and they should put a firewire connection on the devices that they produce but this is not an easy issue, because it evolves a lot of money and different technology .

Very strange isn’t it.

Anyway, thanks for your help guys

Preacher Man

Pull the benq drive apart, rip the actual drive out & stick it into a generic 5.25" Firewire/USB2 case :wink:

I’ve never seen a USB2->IEEE1394 adapter, but I can guess they wouldn’t be cheap.

Gigabyte want $65US for a simple IEE1394 to IDE adapter … you can get a cheap firewire/usb2 cases for 1/2 that price :wink:

a list of PCMCIA usb 2.0 cards if you’re interested.