Cable select



I have an ASUS RAID board, and i’ve heard a lot about cable select, would I gain anything from using this system of connection? at the moment I have on my system, 2 x HDD on IDE 1
BENQ 1620 on IDE 2 as master
LG 4163B on ide 2 as slave
LITEON 166S on raid 1 as master
LITEON 52327S ON RAID 1 as slave
if I gained how would I connect them up?


No, but you can try CS, just for fun. If the drives are operating in DMA mode, then the system should be fully functional.


do I connect all of them or just some, will they be selected as master/slave automatically?


All should be set as CS.


thanks will try it


interesting. i would have thought dedicated master/slave was best ? i think it also depends whether the mobo/bios and/or drives support CS or not, no?
note: i am not challenging, just curious :slight_smile:


I always say CS is when your headaches start. :eek:


Yes, some systems will complain with the CS setup. Dunno why. Most from the big PC vendors should be perfectly happy with CS settings.


from what i`ve read i would say the same :iagree:


The only advantage of CS over set Master/Slave, is if you are in the habit of swapping drives around, when a CS compatible cable, and drives all set to CS enables you to swap a drive in, without having to fiddle with the jumper.

If you have drives already configured, I wouldn’t change them to CS.


i would avoid CS unless you have no choice, my new seagate didnt appear to have a slave setting so i just left it as CS and its been fine


It takes just as much time and effort to configure drives for Cable Select as it does for designated Master/Slave.

I’ve read in the past where firmware flashing problems were associated with the Cable Select configuration in some cases.

I NEVER use Cable Select on my systems or on any system I build.


tried it and system seems to take longer to boot, so went back to master/slave config.


I’ve always used Master/Slave and probably always will.



Me too!!

Never had any problem - and that’s what it is all about - isn’t it?



Hmmm…longer boot time? I see no difference with my 600 MHz PIII. All the boot times were within 31 sec, plus/minus 0.8.


I’ve used Cable Select for years without any problems, that is just my preference for my particular system.

Just remember if you do use Cable Select, YOU MUST USE THE 80 WIRE CABLES, NOT 40 AS ARE NORMAL IDE CABLES.


Most if not all PCs from DELL, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Emachines, Sony, and IBM are shipped with the CS setting.


And they don’t expect or encourage or in must cases supply firmware up dates.
Thats when you can run into the must problems.
Never mind that most people who buy them never up date them anyway.