Cable Select /Master/Slave




I just installed a Plex premium on a Cable Select system- and now I realized that I forgot to take the jumper from ‘master’ and put it in the ’ Cable Select’ slot.
Does this matter? I already started burning, etc.
What can this cause?
Do i really need to change it?


Well, if the rest of the drives are on CS, then I would personally change that one to match. However, I personally set each drive to Master/Slave as I hear that less issues tend to arise.


If it works, fine…

MA = Drive is Master
SL = Drive is Slave
CS = Assume Master or Slave according to cable position **

** Non-CS 40 wire, either position assumes Master
** CS 40 wire, Middle = Master, End = Slave
** 80 wire, END = Master, Middle = Slave … all 80 wire cables are CS wired.

CS is just a way of automatically selecting Master or Slave - automatic, but not intelligent, as it will NOT work around a drive which is manually set to the wrong setting for the cable position it occupies - the only time it’s likely to bite you, is if you reposition the drives on the cables and forget that they are not all CS.

One example, after converting my old setup to fully CS, and testing an old drive, I didn’t have to worry if it was master or slave - CS and then it didn’t matter which drive I borrowed the cable from.


Does it make any difference if you connect your master drive to the middle position and the slave on the end if using master/slave jumpers? Normally you would attach the master to the end (black) and slave in the middle (grey), right?


Uncertain - not sure if it’s right or not, but I had the impression thay you would lose support for modes above ATA33 (eg. the 80 would act like 40 wire) if you didn’t follow the standard configuration (using either CS, or assigning the drives the same way manually)


I don’t understand - (I’m not computer literate when it comes to technical :confused: ) Could you put that differently? I just want to know a) if any damage can occur
b) files won’t extract or write correctly, if I keep this drive master on a CS system.


It can’t cause damage, and your Plextools will clearly tell you if there are errors, which I doubt. I also don’t think it will slow down your drive. If you really don’t want to take it apart and it looks like it is working, it is. I have found dozens of computers I worked on with functioning drives and odd jumper settings that worked.