Cable Question



Might be a little weird, but can the cable company tell now many TVs are hooked up when they are off, or any other way for that matter. Nothing critical, just curious if there is some sort of meter that can measure this.



I have Comcast and 1 TV with the Digital box and 3 TVs hooked up via splitters with no box at all and they don’t care.


I was under the impression that in the U.S.A that once the cable reaches the house, you can split it however many times you wish.

Yes there is a meter that can measure that.

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If you use a splitter 1:2 1:4 etc, the impedence reflected should still equal the 75 ohms from your tv tuner.
Many use the 1:2 splitter to hook up their vcr’s, in parallel with the tv as directed by the instructions from your cable provider.
Thus, if must be legal to divide the signal and the cable company could not accuse anyone of theft.


Thanks guys. This question has nothing to do with theft or what is allowed, I just have always been curious as to whether anyone on the other end of the cable can tell if you have anything hooked up or not. Kind of the “big brother” thing you know. Like can Direct TV tell what you are watching, can the cable company monitor what you watch, general snooping stuff like that.

What reminded me of the question was the latest proposal in my “whacko” state to tax us on all the miles we drive. The tax is not what pissed me off, forcing us to pay for a GPS unit that will keep 24 hr surveillance on our exact location is what got my 60s paranoia going.