Cable providers increasingly concerned of Web content



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Cable providers remain concerned as the TV market continues to see new competitors that could one day fracture the market.

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Well they over charge and have recently been scrambling channels that all extended basic customer could get without even having to rent a box, what do they expect.
If they make it harder and more expensive to watch and do what a customer used to easily be able to do the customer goes elsewhere to get what they want:doh:


And since the online content needs good bandwidth, and since the cable cos provide HSD service…Are they really losing???


Raise the price… people are bailing on cable because its already getting pretty price, with constant price increases.

Cable is really just a middle man. Why are they needed. When tv channels can directly stream to the internet, they can probably get alot more viewers, as most people have interent. It’d probably raise their ad revenue.

The internet pretty much makes any content distribution middle man (like cableco’s) obselete. Only problem is cable also sells the internet, so they try caps to keep people from embracing video downloading.


Cable industry meeting went something like this?