Cable Modem



I’ve heard if you have a cable modem you can use this on multiple computers.
My opininion louds the follow
There is a download capacity of 2 gb/the week.
But if you now download with 3 computers at the same time. Can i download than upto 6 gb/week.

Or is my suggestition wrong


Unfortunately your suggestion is wrong.

If you use multiple computers on a cable modem, all computer use the same IP at your ISP. So if your downloadlimit is 2 gb it stays this way.




But if i am downloading at the sametime they can only bill me on what i downloaded with my pc with the cable modem.


First of all, your provider probably prohibits the use of multiple computers over 1 cable connection.
If you use 1 connection with 3 compu’s only one of them (the one with the cablemodem) will actually download the files. If the file was requested by antother compu on your LAN, it will be passed to that compu, BUT it is still the compu with cable modem making the request and thus generating the traffic.
So you will be billed for everything you download from the internet over the cable connection, no matter what compu you used to download it. 2 GB is maximum, so if you have 3 compus connected, you’ll reach it 3 times as fast