Cable Line

Hello, I need some help please…

I have a video card that supports DVI and VGA. My DVI line is plugged in from the computer to my LCD display.

I have a cable line and would like to watch tv on my LCD. I have the following slots open on the LCD:

  1. VGA connector
    2)S-Video Connector
  2. Composite video connector

What do I need as far as hardware to watch tv on this LCD? I cannot plug the cable line into the LCD because it doesnt have an antenna line on the LCD. The cable company said I need a cable box but isn’t there some kind of gadget or converter I can buy to solve this. Thanks!!

you gotta have a tv tuner card or a digital cable box (if its a digital cable that is,and i doubt thats the case), , just think about it , even if it was somehow possible you wouldnt get any channels as your lcd monitor is just… well a monitor it got no tuner in it hence it cant grab any channels , so if you really gotta have it, you must buy a tv tuner card ,hauppauge & ati are the best manufacturers , also if you plan on using it to record too , better get one that have a hardware mpeg2 encoder

Your right, sounds like I need the tv tuner card. Thanks for the suggestion!

Check to see if your cable company offers a PCI card for their services, or if a receiver box is cheaper.

there mght be a cheaper aproach but it depends on what you want to do. If you just want to watch tv, like a second tv in the bedroom, and you have an old vcr (or new but they don’t hardly even sell them any more), you can run the cable line to the vcr and the rca or s-video if present into the lcd. The tv should have rca type audio in too to go from the vcr.
getting a tuner card gives you a lot more options, powers and capabilities that you might want to consider, but if you just want to watch tv, and have an old vcr, its free.