Cable Co's lobby the government to mandate set-top boxes



Cable Co’s lobby the government to mandate set-top boxes.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Declining subscriber numbers seem to be forcing cable companies to attempt to push for drastic changes. Companies are lobbying the FCC to put regulations in place which would require every subscriber to rent a cable box or cable card regardless of whether or not they currently have a need for one.

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Boxee Box doesn’t receive a tuner signal from cable, it uses internet streaming .


I am a FIOS customer and do have 3 cable boxes BY MY CHOICE. This is the way it is now, and this is the way it should be. No one should be able to force a customer to buy something that does not fit their needs, no matter what their motives, unless it is for the greater good of the population in general (e.g., “Obamacare” or auto insurance for all car owners). This definitely does not fit that criteria.


I think all people on the road should have insurance unless they have a [large] pile of money set aside for paying for an accident they caused.

I could care less about cable. I have DISH, but could probably get by with OTA as long as I had some sort of DVR.


HAHA wish it was a joke. I left Time Warner over 10yrs ago for DirecTv and will never go back to cable, no matter what. This just makes me sick that companys are so fn greedy. Why cant a few million in profit be enough? Why do they need to rob everyone blind.


Good, then I’m going to cancel my cable subscription and JUST order the high-speed internet. And at least in my experience with Charter, half the time the boxes they give you are junk. If you report a problem with a box, they’ll just take another problem box and give it to you instead of a new one and hope it works.

I wish I could switch to AT&T U-Verse instead.


I have not had any OTA, cable or satellite service for over 3 years. Do I miss it, sure, mostly for the news and current series, but for the most part it’s all garbage and I refuse to pay that much for the garbage they put on the air. I can buy DVDs for $3 each and watch what I want when I want without commercials. It totally blows my mind that people pay good money every month to watch commercials!

Along the same lines, the last time I was in a theater, I had to sit through 30 minutes of commercials, not previews, before the movie. Not gonna do that again!


Something like this should only be required if you subscribe to something other than the basic of the basic package . . . not just because the cable companies think it should be done.


Probably one of the main reasons is to eliminate the need to physically connect and disconnect the cable. It also stops the Internet only customers from getting even basic cable (without a box, hence they can charge them).
that’ right, Greed!