Cable converter: VGA /DVI to S-VIDEO/COMPOSITE

Does a cable/plug/accessory which converts VGA /DVI cables to S-VIDEO/COMPOSITE cables and vice/versa actually exist?
I have someone who wants to plug a dvd player for a television into an LCD computer monitor, without throwing a computer into the mix. If this can be done, how?
If it can’t, Thanks.

No, there isnt such a converter available.

Actually there is. You’re talking about using a regular dvd player on a PC monitor right? There is but I wouldn’t recommend it because most boxes that do the conversion does a really crappy job of it. The picture is usually not sharp and a little blurry.

I have this, it does the job, nothing fancy but nothing great either:
Viewsonic Nextvision

Wouldn’t really recommend something like the Viewsonic box unless you plan to use A/V cables too. The Viewsonic has component support too but it’s not as sharp and clear as the Key Digital converter.

If his DVD player supports component I would rather recommend a component like this: Key Digital

The key digital does a real good job of high resolution screens. I have one similar to that one (also made by Key Digital) that does XBOX and Game Cube console component, it works for practically anything that has component. The games and images look very very good on component connections. It’s almost if the games have been transformed.

Bah, I just read the first line…
Question is if it worth 50$ since the DVD is probably cheaper than that and its going to look quite bad anyways :confused:

I’m trying now to go the other way: I have an HD-capable monitor with a PIP feature. The PIP feature only takes S-video or component A/V as input. One computer is hooked up via HDMI. I’d like to hook the other up via PIP so I can use them simultaneously, but I need a DVI to S-video or similar converter to do it. Obviously, since I’m doing PIP, I don’t really care about the resolution on the second computer. Any ideas?

Edit: I’ve found one at (link here) that might work, but I’m not using an Apple machine, and there are lots of customer reviews that warn that this doesn’t work on other systems. Think this might be feasible? I think this one requires a DVI-I, and I have only a DVI-D output.

I am trying to play video from my computer(DELL) to my plasma Tv but it only has Component or HDMI input no DVI input…
This is what I found to convert signal but I can;t find any comments from any one on it. Dell said it would convert from DVI to RBG but the Star Tech site lists it as Component to DVI…

Don’t know if it helps you or not…