Cable company charges for phantom DVR box



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A few hours ago Dennis Rockstroh of wrote a story about Comcast. It seemed that Raymond R. Morgan from Fremont was charged for a phantom DVR box. 'Since February 2007,…

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:r Comcast charged me to rent the cable modem I own for five months. The charge just started appearing on my bill one month, it was five months before I noticed. I called to ask them why and they told me the didn’t know who owned the modem so they just started charging me for it. They took my word as far as ownership goes and credited me the charges.


I got stuck in some ridiculous situation where I was paying almost $100 for basic cable and the internet. And then they just dumped my email account all together. No warning and then no reconnection. I just gave up all together and signed up with Cavalier for the same product for half the price. So far so good.


^ - You use the email address your ISP gives you? Why would you do something like that? You can get a domain name with 1 email address from a registrar like 1and1 for $7/yr and never have to send out that “my email address is changing” mass email again.