Cable Broadband Bandwidth Jump



I’ve logged on this morning to download some stuff. Now I usually get a D/L speed of about 450kbps but this morning im getting above 1.1mb constant speed. Has anyone else seen a hike in there throughput?

I ran a speed test using and it gave me result

Ping :- 44
Download :- 4681 (I did get 9308 on a few tests)
Upload :- 489


You might want to post location (within the UK) and what service you have.


Im in the Preston area and im using Telewest (or Virgin Media if they already switched names)


Ooooh. What package do you have? I wonder if Telewest (or Virgin Media) are gonna give us all a boost?


Edit: hmm, mine’s the same as normal :):


Since the ice storm hit my speeds suck. Hope they get it fixed soon and by the way i’m in USA sorry if this is off topic.

Here’s one from Missouri,USA to London,UK :stuck_out_tongue:


Im on Telewest Cable Broadband 4mb or was lol


This is very surprising to me, I thought my service was slow, I am getting almost 13mbs per sec. downstream, and almost 2 mbs per sec upstream.


That’s really cool Alan :smiley:

Hehe, for the amount of downloading I do, 10mbps is about right for me. I can’t see Telewest boosting the 10mbps package any further, though it looks like Crofty83 might have had one. I’ll have to see what my mum’s speeds are (she’s got 2mbps or something, so she may have gotten a boost).


Is this any good? I’m on Australia’s version of cable broadband which, I’m told, is not as good as that on offer in the States or the EU.


If I’m reading it correctly, that’s about the same as my mum’s :slight_smile:


Dang alan are you right next door to your testing site? :stuck_out_tongue: Nice speed :clap:


Yeah, I think we should all go visit Alan :bigsmile:


Here is another test:
Almost 21,000kbs downsteam and 1,900kbps upsteam.:confused:


alan that’s less than 100 miles but you do have good speed.


Anytime Arachne, you are always welcome in my house.:clap:


Thanks, nice of you to say so :flower:…it’s nice to feel welcome :iagree:

And I’ll bring some Plextor T03s and Verb T02s :bigsmile:


Ouch I knew my service sucked, but not this bad: :frowning:


What’s it meant to be, Jester?


Here’s Missouri to NY but i’ve have Azureus running on all my speed checks up above and including this one.


I am only 50 miles from the speed test server, that should not make a difference should it? The difference is how much you pay . I pay 44.00USD a month like I said above about 22£ sterling. Here you can get a T-1 connection, or a " Boost Connection that allows up to 30mbs downstram and 4mbs upstream, it all depend what you want to pay for.:iagree: