Cable Box Connection DMR-25S



I believe I read that you should use your DVD Recorder (e.g. DMR-25S) as the “cable box”, going from the wall to the Recorder, then to the cable box and TV? I recall that the Recorder will only record up to channel 125? My standard HBO (Comcast) is channel 303, so that won’t work for me.

I would like to go from the wall to the cable box to the Recorder, and be able to record whatever channel is on the cable box. How do you set up the Recorder to do that?

Thanks for the help!


I’m in the same situation with the 35S. Our HBO channels are in the 300’s and the DVR tuner only goes to 125…
I know I read in another forum/review area that a user returned a Sony DVR because it wouldn’t record Premium channels and was very pleased after getting a Panasonic because he was able to make those recordings…
… so the question is , how do you do it…
willie g