Cable box chipping!



Hiya all!

Just a quick question. Does anyone have or know where I can download software to initialise dead cable boxes (UK or otherwise)? I know this stuff is available but can’t find it anywhere.

Also, any info on chipping bale boxes would be greatly appreciated.

Thankx in advance!



I would also like to add if any one knows where i can download the instructions and order the chips for boxes in USA.



what does this do exactly then?

something like a black box on telephone lines earlier?
but now on cable or what?



Cable box chipping is a process where you can gain access to all cable TV channels distributed by your provider without paying extortionate amounts of moola for them.

The initialisation software I’m after is used to bring mack to life cable descrambling boxes that have been disabled by a bullet. A bullet is an electronic signal sent out by the service provider to disable any allegal (i.e. non registered) cable boxes connected. It sends the box into shut-down mode until it is initialised.

I have such a box and I’m looking for the software to wake it up!

Hope this helps in some small way!



Hi guys! Does anyone have a good resource for
buying complete descrambler systems,
with box, test chip, and all the equipment needed, or a site with instructions for
building one myself?



Hey flipmo, the url that Keeone supplied showed instructions and parts and etc…


…So would y’all rate this site with # 10 or what?’s gotta be the most informative site like this that I have ever seen.


tnx hellhound, that’s something more I know already now

though i don’t know how to solve it cos we don’t have that here

well yea Canal+ but therefore you can use your TV card in your comp