"Cabbage Face Syndrome"



It has been posted in the Lite-On Standalone DVD Recorder/Player Forum that LiteOn is working on a fix for the Green Tint problem. Has anyone heard anything further on this issue? In doing some testing with no Hack’s applied, I have found that by working with the TV Video Menu, the Green problem can be helped. I have the USA LiteOn 5005 Dec. 04 build machine that has been sent back to me from LiteOn. When I applied a manual Hack for MV off and added the 3 Hour mode, the Green problem appeared. I then removed the Hack’s and reinstalled the 1098 up to date Firmware. The Green problem was still there at times. That is when I started adjusting the Video settings on the TV and was able to control the Green. I am going to wait and see if LiteOn does come through with a Firmware fix that corrects the Green issue before doing anymore Hack’s.
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I dont think its a heat issue. I turn on the unit and could see the green stuff pretty quick. Chips could not have gotten that hot so quick. My guess is a video driver issue.

Face it…based on the problem i have seen and heard…someone on the technical chain at Liteon has styrofoam for brains. At least they are going to repair the units…My question is…anyone get their units repaired and still have problems or new problems?


Same here, I see the “cabbage face” (love that label) as soon as I turn on the machine - even from cold/unplugged so I don’t see this as a heat gremlin. Have also experimented with a variety of cables so don’t think that’s a factor either. There’s a lot of personal perception involved here that makes it hard to tell if the issue is there, getting better or getting worse at any given moment. At one point, I had myself convinced that “Cabbage Face” got better when I wore a tin-foil hat - but that turned out not to be a factor either :wink:

I too would love to hear an update from Liteon regarding a possible firmware fix. Does anyone know if there’s any official (or non-official) representation from Liteon on this forum?

My experience on the DTivo community forum was that having vendor participation was a huge value add - for the community and for the vendor - in terms of getting information out, de-bunking rumors etc.

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From testing the temp of the LSI chips they reach 60 degrees celcius in 2minutes from coming out of standby and then stay at this tempreture for the duration of a recording rising 5 degrees when finalising a disk or pressing stop on a +RW where it is closing the session

idle temp is 30 degrees celcius room temp is at max 20 degrees celcius but this is still below the max temp in the manual of 40 degrees celcius


nikKK; Do you by chance know what the temp would be if say a person just hand the unit on and was watching TV with it hooked up with S-Video from the Dish Box? Or maybe I did not understand your post totally??
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nickKK; I hope it is not just my imagination, but I sincerely believe that changing the settings on my TV has corrected the “Cabbage Face Syndrome”, to where it is not really noticable. Below is the Default settings from my TV before making any changes.
Picture 50
Tint 0
Color 25
Bright 25
Sharp 25
Color Temp MH
Below are the changes at which the Green looks fine to me.
Picture 30
Tint G10 (meaning + to the Green side.
Color 25
Bright 30
Sharp 25
Color Temp ML (Choices for this setting are L, ML, MH, High)
Has anyone else tried adjusting the Video settings on the TV and had good results? The strange thing about this to me is the Tint setting is moved to the + side of Green.
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I don’t think its right that we have to mess with the tv color settings when the signal from the liteon should be crystal clear in the first place, and I mean SHOULD BE, when it isn’t.
And besides I have a cheap tv and I can’t even adjust it !!! :frowning:


kurb; I agree 100%, even with these changes in the settings, I can still detect some of the Green issue. It definitly needs to be addressed by LiteOn. If I unhook the machine, my TV has a perfect signal from the Dish System.


my machine was had a dec 2004…is it true that newer machines have heat sinks added.

you should never have to adjust the tv. If you dvd has the green burned on the dvd…thats a hi fi crime.

maybe if i take the lid off and have a fan blow on it to see if the green goes away.

oh…i think the greens gets burnt on the dvd…is that true


thedeadman; The machine I just got back from LiteOn is the Dec. 04 USA Build. I took a peek inside and it has 3 heat sinks on the mainboard 8602. I have put a digital temp probe at the fan discharge and it reads 82 Degrees F consistantly. The DVD’s I have made are from my Camcorder and some VHS tapes. None of these show any Green issues. I have not recorded much from the TV yet, so cannot comment on that.


I have noticed it on recordings from tv, but I’m at the point where I’m checking to see if I can see the tint, more than watching what I’m recording. thats bad
Sometimes it seems ok that it rears its ugly head once again.
And there are times when its just totally rediculous… the skin tone is totally wacked!


I have the dec 2004 built. Am I too assume that all dec 2004 models now have heat sinks on them or did they grab a dec 2004 unit and then added heat sinks to them.

I accidently left my unit on for 24 hours. Boy was it feeling pretty hot the next day. However, I did not notice any green issues. I would have expected more green since it been on so long.

When comparing channels…it seem to me the tv to be more at fault because I could see some green edge without using the unit. some folks say the green is intense…and other say its light. sometimes its hard for me to tell

My bigger issue is that the tuner has noise (slight background hum/static), but since its mono…i use the vcr for stereo.

Someone said they are coming with a firmware for the green tint issue in less than two weeks…so is this more than just the heat?

if adding heat sinks solves the problem…how come it took them so long. The cost of returns or lost customers will always be more expensive than heat sinks.

if it was not for the internet and forums like this…no one would ever know…


Thank God for the internet… and the dude who made it happen with the the technology of today!!! :bow: we know who u are :slight_smile:


well firmware can be used to control the hardware bit like a BIOS update can change a CPUs operation (some can even control the CPU temp) and as I have found on one occasion with the Liteon using the 8600 chip a firmware update added 5 degrees celcius to the 8600 chip


It takes Liteon and other manufactures longer because first they have to replicate the problem maybe on a unit returned with green tint was used until it was cured then soak tested for a period of time to see if the problem reoccurs.

I don’t know for sure if this is the path used but would expect something similar and as I have said I would expect all producers of electronics to have a similar path to resolving the problems


Over the weekend, I found that when the scrolling text or any screen overlays on the TV start to Jitter, if you press the Guider button on the remote to bring up the Easy Guider Menu screen and then press the Guider button again, the Jitter instantly stops. I only observed this Jitter but a few times over the weekend. Could this be some kind of a memory issue that clears itself when doing the above operation? Just a thought, because some of this is getting rather technical to figure out. The Green problem still rears its ugly head at times and I surely hope LiteOn gets there act together soon with a firmware upgrade that will correct these problems.


The problem some users face is they set the machine to record while out and use the machine to playback the same disk thus a double wack of the green tint !!

The TV Should not need adjusting but since Liteon are having trouble getting the colour balance, contrast and other settings right, it is only fair they give us the options !!

The problem in europe is the SCART lead if using RGB (not on the supplied lead ) then the LVW5005 makes all the colour adjustments which can’t be adjusted by user, yet in comp mode you can adjust and by reducing the colour the picture inproves, yet the quality decreases now other hardware in the home Digibox and DVD player (philips 625/051 ) can make a perfect picture but the LVW5005 can’t


Maybe part of the difficulty of fixing this problem is how various it is. The APPARENT symptoms are the same or similar, e.g. green tint/contrast problems, but the causes may be different. For example, my US 5005 (Nov’04, hacked 0098) has green tint challenges to boot(AV1,AV2, S-video, other dvds, live TV-- all green in darker scenes), but the recordings are fine, that is, the recorded discs play normally and look normal on my computer and a Magnavox dvd/vcr/tv combo. Additionally, transcoded recordings (from DVD+VR to DVD-Video) look perfect on the Pioneer 563A. Heat’s not my problem, although it appears to be the problem for some.

The US 5005 doesn’t have a SCART.

I’m going out on a limb here, in fact, I’m just guessing… but I’m thinking that the 5005 thinks it needs a stronger input signal.
Here’s why I think that… (I used to sell TVs back in the stone age)
You can achieve a similar-type picture with your TV by turning down the “picture” setting in the menu (This is turned way up at the factory so that you have a bright picture, but it shortens the life of your tube a bit) until it starts going black and white (different brands have different settings “picture” “color” whatever)
Also, with bright scenes my 5005 looks normal, it’s only the less bright to darker scenes that turn patchy green
And finally, Green is the majority ‘color’ in TVs. So when the signal is weaker(or treated as such), it makes sense that what is left is Black and White(not colors) and green.

The simplest way to test this ‘guess’ would be to connect some sort of signal amplifier between the source (cablebox, DTV box, etc.) and the 5005 and see what happens, but I don’t have such an object.

OK… just my two cents.


just wondering if anybody ever tried:
monster cable M1000 version because it does improve the picture. I use radio shack Silicone rubber sealer cat no. 64-2314a. fill the rca connectors after cleaning them with IPO and drying them with paper towel or hair drier.


The M1000 is an RCA cable isn’t it? My 5005 is hooked up using decent quality S-video cables (I don’t personally buy into the Monster Cable cost/benefit ratio) and I’m still seeing the “cabbage face” syndrome. I use these same S-video cables for all my other video sources (DirecTivo, regular DVD player, gaming console etc.) and don’t see any artifacts like I get with the 5005. While cables could certainly affect video quality - I personally think there’s something else specific to the 5005 that’s causing this issue.

As of now, I’m just hoping that “something” can be fixed with the promised FW upgrade…

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