C2 read errors at end of burn only

Hi all. I’m learning a lot in this place!

I’ve a couple of questions about the CD burner I was using here. I believe the drive is screwed up but I’d be interested in someone elses opinion too :wink: I’ll give as much info as I can so bear with me!

I’m using an older system here - I didn’t have the resources to buy a new one at the time I burnt all my precious diskettes and code to CD. Which gives you an idea why I’m panicing slightly now. Wish I’d read cdfreaks first :doh:

It’s a PII-400 running Windows 98SE. The burner appears as a “Creative cd-rw1210e lcs6”, which I understand to be a rebadged Liteon LTR-12101B (It is not a plexor). Seems to work fine with Kprobe… The software is NTI Cdmaker 2000.

The problem I’m having is possible file corruption with files at the very end of the burn. It’s dependant on speed with lower speed producing more problems! (Yes! WTF!) Being Windows, the system simply ignores the errors produced by the drive and silently returns corrupt sectors as blocks of 0x00. Nice. I guess file CRCs or MD5s would be a good idea in future. I wonder is Windows XP as ignorant…

Anyway, some Kprobe scans:

Here’s a scan of a backup taken 2+ years ago. Burn done at 4x. There is little difference in the scans I took at 4x read and at max (32x) read other than C1 increases.

Here’s another done yesterday. Single large file. Burned at 8x, read at max. NTI complained at file verification time that it couldn’t verify that file. Eject and reload and I could “fc” the file with no errors!!

Here’s a scan of a pressed cd:

Ok. I’m sure you get the idea. Is the drive screwed? I guess it is but it is bizarre why it’s only giving problems at the very very end. Maybe the drive changes calibration during TOC burn or something. Any ideas anyone? Are all my burns just crap?!

I’m sure you are saying - dang it, just go and buy another drive, sheesh. Any recommendations for an old PII would be gratefully accepted. The drive would need to be able to burn CDs at 8x… Every supplier gives their maximum read/write speeds. None give their slowest which is frustrating for an older system.

Oh, I’ve bought a Liteon LTR1635SU today which I’ll use on my laptop. Much to my annoyance I’ve just read a post in cdfreaks by DrageMester here that indicates that this drive may be useless for CD scanning. Don’t I feel stupid :doh:

At least I can filecompare the ISO I rip back and see if my data is intact. Drive has got to be good for something yeah!

Thanks all,


I believe Drage was talking about LiteOn DVD burners as being “not useful” for CD scanning, not CD-RW drives :slight_smile:

Edit: That’s a strange model number, the LTR gives me the impression it’s a CD-RW…but the 1635SU makes me think it’s a DVD burner (I have two IDE DVD burners with the same model number, minus the SU), is that the correct model name?

Doh! You’re absolutely right, sorry! I was thinking of the old cdrw when I typed it. The drive I just bought is a [B]SHW[/B]1635SU, the U standing for USB. That’s also the drive referred to when I said Drage said it was not useful for CD scanning. I bought the drive thinking it would help me in that regard… At least it gives me another point of reference when I try and recover my important CDs. At least I only have 3!

If it’s any consolation, that drive is an excellent reader (or at least my two are), so fingers crossed you should be able to back up your discs OK :wink:

Oh, and a belated welcome to CDF :flower: