C2 Problem

i am using Lite-on SOHR-5238S , and plasmon Media sold as samsung 52x , and using Prassi ONES to burn…

i tried to burn this CDs at 52x 32x 24x and at everytime it give me the same result…so whats making thats high C1 and this C2 errors??

Maybe a bad media. Try to burn a verbatim (better if you find a pastel disc, that is a genuine Taiyo yuden).

isnt thier a possibilty thats ONES is causing this high erorros???
does the burning apps change the C1 and C2 errors in anyway??

I don’t know if burning apps can influence quality of burn; some users on this forum says that dvd decrypter burns better than nero, but in my experience I don’t find any difference in quality. However, my experience is limited to single layer discs, because some other people says that decrypter is the best apps to manage layer break on dual layer discs.

Anyway these difference were reported on the forum regarding dvd burning, and not for CD burning, so I think that media is more important than apps in burning.

If you really feel like the app may be the culprit (which is quite unlikely), just try another app to burn.

But considering the results, it’s likely that the discs are defective. I’ve had lots of Plasmon CDs from friends here (because they’re often found in cheap brands in supermarkets… :rolleyes: ) and they were all degrading very fast, unreadable after a few weeks.

So I would say try reasonably good CDRs first (anything from Maxell, TDK, Sony, Verbatim, Ritek, Traxdata, even Highspace will do for this purpose) and see if things look better. If not, then it’s probably your burner that is the culprit.

the problem thats we dont have alot of options here around us in CD-R media…
so whats only avialable around me is Samsung and TDK and Sony and DataWrite CD-R , so whats the best from those??

Between brands you posted, in my opinion better are TDK and Sony.

I’ve had bad experiences with Sony. Stick with TDK; it’s the best of what you’ve listed. Samsung discs can be made by various different manufacturers – some are wretched and some are good.

TDK is made by various manufacturers as well; Ritek, CMC and Prodisc supply CD-Rs for TDK. It’s pretty rare to find a CD-R with a TDK ATIP.

Sure but I have yet to see B/C-grade CMC, Ritek or Prodisc media sold under the TDK brand, unlike those under the Samsung or Memorex brands. :wink:

I understand your point, though: why TDK and not Sony based on reptile’s argument? I think both brands sell decent CDR media, whatever the manufacturer, just like Maxell does.

THe guy just needs some decent discs to make sure his burner is not the culprit… :wink: no search for the TY Graal here :bigsmile:

Moser Baer also supplies for TDK… adding to the confusion. Most CDs are of at least decent quality these days… it’s just the Princo and Hong-Kong/Chinese crap that messes people up.
I have several Lite-On CDRWs. Imation or TDK Moser Baer is usually cheap and burns well. Taiyo Yuden Fuji Made in Japan is excellent. CMC stuff (Nexxtech, ESA, Phillips, some TDK) burns well enough for car audio - not the most durable discs. Maxell MIT (Ritek) is another good option.


I’ve seen Maxells MIT made by Prodisc.