C2 errors problem with my liteone

can anyone tell me if my drive is defected? below URL take to you to the page that show the nero scandisc and cd quality check result of my drive. the disc that i’m using is TDK 40x (ritek), Mitsubishi 48x, SmartBuy 40x (Prodisc) and unbranded CMC. all showed the same result. can anyone tell me what happen to the drive. it works find for the first few disc without any unreadable errors when test with nero scandisc . it also shows c2 error at the end of the disc when testing with liteon WSES 1.07 (don’t know how to capture screen in DOS mode). i brought the drive back to the shop and they said it is technical error. the shop promised to check with liteon but after 2 weeks i didn’t get any answer. please help! thanks


That’s perfectly normal. That red square is nothing to worry about.

but why the WSES did show c2 errors at the end of the disc

but why the WSES did show c2 errors at the end of the disc

Because you burned them too fast?

i burned it too fast? i don’t think so. burned it at the disc certified speed. even try to lower the speed to 16x but is still give the same result. just wanted to know if the drive is defected. if yes, i’ll tell the shop to replace it for me.

“certified” speed has no meaning, it’s whatever they feel like putting on the package. And crappy media is crappy at any speed.
This, however, does not mean that your drive is not defective. ALL media shows read errors if burned too fast. What will work for one drive will not necessariy work for another. The test that you posted does not show anything out of the usual, the red sector is because it’s an open disc. There are very few media that will burn at 48x with no errors, and on some drives none of them will. simply slowing the burn to 40x solves many of these problems. And yes, some media shows errors at ANY burn speed.
Without seeing some more detailed tests of media on your drive, nobody can tell you if it’s “good” or not. I would encourage you to get some Fuji(TY) 48x media, and burn it at 40x. See how it goes.

the discs that i’m using is TDK 40x (ritek), Mitsubishi 48x, SmartBuy 40x (Prodisc) and unbranded CMC. i tried at any speed but the result is the same.

the drive did work perfect for the first few discs before this happen. is this normal?

can’t get the ty cdr because can’t find at my place.

I’ve had the same problem with my Liteon, I also thought my drive was defective for other reasons, I accidentally put 2 cds into the drive… lets just say if you want to destroy the bottom disc within 5 seconds you can do what I did…

Otherwise, I’ve tried a number of different media from CMC and Prodisc, to Taiyo Yuden. What I can say is that before when I thought the Liteon would like my junk CMC and Prodisc it doesn’t like them anymore… The Taiyo Yuden discs all burn at full speed and have no problems so I would say it’s a media issue more than anything else. You get what you pay for as they say.

It has nothing to do with your Liteon drive or CDR. When I first got my Liteon LTR-32123S I also encountered this ‘problem’.

Later, I read from this forum that the disc burnt in TAO mode will give the error, so now, I burn every disc with DAO and no problem since then.