C2 errors - heat problem?

I have a LTR-52246S drive. It seems that recently, I have been getting C2 errors on a lot of discs. Most discs I use are good quality (Taiyo Yuden.) It has also happened a couple of timesusing some Prodisc and Ritek media that is usually good. Do you think this might be a heat-related problem, or is TY’s quality going down/“bad batch”? I have a 5400RPM hard drive in a “removable drive bay” right below the LTR-52246S. Any comments appreciated.

I personally have seen a measurable drop in C2 rates by improving case cooling. The give away is if the drive shows low rates on the first disc, and higher rates after about 3-4 full runs.
I also note that the 52x drive runs a bit cooler at 40x, and even cooler at 32x. It’s much hotter than the 48125W/S.
Do you have a front case fan blowing on the HD’s? Another option would be installing a 5-1/2" drive cooler on your removable HD, but that will consume a 5-1/2" bay.

I’m guessing here, but I think that the two variables that most often account for c1/c2 error rates in addition to media/drive compatibility are:

  • burning drive temperature
  • burning drive vibration

The drive itself houses a laser that needs to calibrate to certain intensity of ‘burn’. The chemical properties of the dye should probably not be that much different even if the temp delta is 25 degrees, but it’s a possible contributing factor.

Another thing where the temp rise may contribute are the tolerances for the laser/pickup/servo controls. Heat based expansion could change the tolerance of some parts a few nanometers here and there, resulting in a higher probability of errors

Another possibility is vibration. The servo mechanism has to be quite accurate and when burning at speeds of 48-54x the vibration is already quite high.

Properly fastened and damped drive might be able to perform better than a drive that is lose.


How warm does the drive get? My Philips PCRW1208 gets very warm sometimes (even with a lot of case ventillation), but it never has problems burning CD-Rs.

My PC is a Dell. I only have two 5.25 drive bays with the HD in one and 52246S in the other. My case looks like a fairly proprietary design so I will probably not be able to add more fans. I wonder if switching the drives’ bays may help? Of course, the HD would be taking all of the CD-RW’s heat. The drive is only a Maxtor 5400RPM drive and it shouldn’t have as big a heat issue as 7200RPM drives have. Would there be a way for me to slow down the RPM speed of the Maxtor? I know it would be really slow, but I rarely use this drive anyway. Anyway, I might consider using it for backups so I wouldn’t have it in the PC most of the time. If this is a heat problem, is it likely that my drive was permanently damaged? Or could it be laser wear? I’ve burned about 300 CDs with this drive. Any comments on my situation appreciated!

It’s really hard to judge a heat issue without knowing what the temps are. I get these cheapo remote thermometers at Target, the kind that are used for watching the outside temps via a wire. I put the sensor in the case near the heat source and velcro the LCD readout on the case. If your CDRW is located above a HD, it could be getting heat, most OEM cases are poorly ventilated. Pop off the front bezel and look for a intake fan mount in the metal part of the case that would blow over the HD mounts. HD’s are the second hottest thing in the case, the CPU being the first. Lacking a front fan to cool the drives, a rear exhaust fan will do a lot to lower temps. Most cases have mounts for that, but it’s prety easy to cut a hole and mount one. http://www.pcmods.com/
One other possible cause for multiple drive failures might be the PSU. You could also have just gotten some crappy media.

I don’t think that there’s any way to slow down your RPMs on the HDD, but I don’t think that 5400 RPM HDDs should really get that warm, anyway.