C2 errors and consistency

I’ve recently bought a traxdata 50 spindle, and despite maintaining the ritek brand they don’t have the same quality as they used to…

I’ve spent the last few hours testing each of discs I’ve burnt and most of them have shown at least some c2 errors. However, they appear on different parts of the cd everytime I scan them.

I’ve downloaded and ran cdrtool’s cdread for a more indepth analysis, and when I run a test on the damaged sectors instead of the entire disc there are no errors present! Although there were a few discs in the batch that consistently show c2 errors, most of them do not.

Does this mean the discs are ok and the c2 error results are the fault of the program / cd reader, not the cds themselves? I’ve compiled my results into a table, here they are -

Each row represents a different disc, and the “/” seperates each test performed on it. The majority of the results were made using cd speed’s surface scan.

You probably have a bad batch of RiTEKs. I’ve personally never had a problem with RiTEKs, even the latest 48x ones.

some good news! When reading the discs at a lower speed (8 or 16) the c2 errors disappear on virtually all the discs :slight_smile: Does this mean they are reliable and the data stored on them is safe?

Does this mean they are reliable and the data stored on them is safe?

Run them through the CDSPeed quality test, if you get a full-speed read and no errors, they’re OK. Sounds like they are “marginal”.

It seems that I get a lot of C2 errors on some of my Riteks now. I wonder if a flash to 6S0F on my 52246S would help.

try reading them at a lower speed (8 or 16). When I do this with my discs the c2 errors disappear. It must be related to the quality of the reader instead of the media itself.

Hmm yesterday I checked a Maxell/Ritek CD-R I burned and it had C2 errors. Today it had none! I know it is how it’s read but it’s odd that one day it has C2 errors and the other day it has none! Maybe it’s just that the drive and/or disc gets hot and it affects read performance. These discs can work well when there are no C2’s, usually about .35 C1 average in Kprobe.