C2 error reporting?



I installed Exact Audio Copy tonight and during the install it ran some tests - the result of those tests said that the BenQ drive didn’t support C2 error reporting.

However it also said that if the test results appeared instantly that there was probably an error and I should retry. Well it did appear instantly so I re-tried, several times, and every time I got the same results.

My LiteOn drive that’s the slave to the BenQ reported back instantly too but it shows it does support C2 error reporting.

Soooo, does the BenQ support C2 error reporting or not? Just wondering if I need to troubleshoot some more (well, actually just step up the research I’m doing for a new machine!).




I think in one of the reviews, maybe cdfreaks, or cdrinfo, I recall it saying it didn’t reportC2. this is from memory though, could be wrong.


Yes it says it here:


No C2 pointers, is that the same as errors?