C2 error on end of my burn, what to do

I tested the cd, and it read fine. It was an rar file, and it also test fine. What could cause the C2 error and 1 single spike on my cd test?

I also did a surface test with nero, and it gave ne a red block, at the last block, but all in all the cd seems to be fine. Isn`t C2 error supposed to be damaging to my cd?

Or does this mean that the cd is okay, even though it have c2 error?

am just wondering
if I get a few C2 errors, but no C1, but reading and playing the file works fine, and I make a copy to my hdd, does that mean, since i had a few C2 errors, that the file that i copied from the cd is bad?

C2 errors are damaging to the data BUT only really show up on audio discs.

One thing to remember is that data discs have an extra layer of protection for each data block, it works in exactly the same way DVD’s do. If the data cannot be corrected by C1 and C2 error correction then the ECC blocks in the data’s header kick in and correct it as best they can.

Audio CD’s dont have that extra layer of protection & C2 errors will appear as damaged data, most players are able to overcome the problem by manipulation of the data to hide the missing sample.

What speed did you scan the disc at, did you check the media for dirt or finger print before burning as it only takes a single spec or smudge to generate a C1 and C2 spike.

C2 errors are still not wanted though.

no scratched etc, but funny thing is, Cd speed from nero showed yellow and a red block when scanning 2 cds.

when i tried with cd-r1.7.2.305 diagnostic, alitte old verson,but it worked and it came up with 0 faults in 1 cd, and 0,23%… recoverble

go figure, but are there any other tools that i can use?

but what if there is c2 error on a cd, does that mean I can`t copy paste the contenst, without getting a damanged file/files back?

as you said, an extra layer, so it seems like the cds are okay then,

but how many errors on c2 can you have, before it goes really bad?

btw: i had no C1 error on both of the cds, only a small amount of C2 at the end of disc, <-0,5 avergae

Am wondering, are you formiliar with cd-r diagnostic? Can i trust that, instead of nero cd speed or whatever it was callled?

i have the verson v1.7.2…

Seriously, now I dont understand whatz happening, one time the cdr diagnostic is working fine and telling me cd is okay, next time it`s cd is bad, but with correactble errors

so i tested that cd, which had faults, with cd speed, and here it is, flawless…

It depends on the writer you use. BTW it sounds like your scanning drive does not fully report errors as all CD’s have C1 errors but not all drives report them.

CDspeed reports worst case errors. The drive is told not to slow down to read error’d sectors so they are skipped over and reported as errors. When you read the data back using explorer and copy the file the drive will slow down on errors to try and retrieve the data without errors. Personally if its only one or two C2 errors in some data then its not that bad. I, personally, wont accept any C2 errors on an audio disc but will accept 1 or 2 on a data disc (although I would prefer none)

do you know why i allways get a red block on the last block of a scan, what that could be?
when I made these cds., I didnt know what C1/C2 were, I just burned, and validated the cd if possible, and then read the cd, if that worked I was happy.

which tools do you recommend for me to use to see C1 error, and what do you mean 1 or 2 C2 errors, is that in average you mean?

this is the same cd btw, as the one meantioned above