C2 error information (retrieved using SCSI Read CD Command (0xbe))

I am looking to start a discussion concerning “C2 error information (retrieved using SCSI Read CD Command (0xbe))”.

Does anyone have any Idea:

  1. Which drives have the capability to retrieve this info?
  2. Reliability of the “C2” error information retrieved?

Hard to say which drives support C2 reporting with so many drive models out now.

The reliability of C2 reporting, however, is ~100%. If a drive says it had a C2 at a given point…then it did. This does not mean that another drive will have a C2 error at the same location. Remember…C1, C2, CU are all drive dependent and not media dependent. It all depends on the drive that is reading the disc at the moment (some drives can read scratched discs while others can not). A ‘normal’ C2 does not actually exists on the media itself. It is just the drives ability to read the disc at a certain point. But, a C2 can be deliberately mastered onto the disc. This C2 can be read back as a C2 or maybe worse, depending on the drive.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be interested to see which drives support the feature and how they handle C2’s differently (or similarly).

So no one out there has used this feature before and knows of any drives that support C2 error info from the SCSI command?

I’ll post some of my results once I try it on some of the drives that I have.

  1. http://daefeatures.co.uk/search.php
  2. You have to test it yourself (manufacturers do not all report the same C2 errors).

Just what I was looking for…thanks