C2 Capability, Plus or Minus?

If a drive doesn’t support C2 error correction, isn’t that a big “minus” for the drive, or does not having this capability have advantages?
Or putting it differently, if a drive does support C2 error correction–is this an overblown “plus” for the drive?

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C1 and C2 are error correction layers for CD media, and all drives that can read CD media must be capable of performing C1 and C2 error corrections.

There is no such thing as a drive that doesn’t support C2 error correction.

There are however drives that are incapable of telling the operating system or the relevant application whether or not C2 error correction has been used to correct errors on the disc, and for Audio CDs (and some other types of non-data CDs) this means that in order to be sure that something has been correctly read from the CD, the OS or application has to re-read everything to be sure that it was read correctly the first time. Since most such errors are inaudible, it isn’t a big problem unless you want to “rip” (copy) your Audio CD.

For normal data CDs however, there is also a third layer of error correction, so it doesn’t really matter if the drive doesn’t report what it is doing at the C2 layer.

Finally there is also a difference in whether and how different drives report C2 errors when you perform “disc quality scans” with e.g. Nero CD-DVD Speed, but that is a big subject in itself and I’m not going to say more about it unless that’s the information you’re interested in.

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This is apparently what I AM interested in.
Because there seems to be no standard on what is being reported during scans.
Some drives have the ‘C2 Error’ checkbox in Nero Info Tool checked(LiteOn for example) and some don’t(BenQ for example).
But both drives are considered acceptable scanners from what I have read in the forum threads.
So what’s the difference?(Comparison to other brand drives is certainly welcome.)

The C2 Error checkbox in Nero Infotool tells you whether the drive is capable of reporting that C2 errors occured when reading something, and this is very useful when you want to rip Audio CDs fast, because if C2 reporting is supported by the drive, then the ripping program doesn’t have to read the same audio data more than once unless a C2 error is reported.

This has nothing to do with the drive’s ability to report C2 in a disc quality scan however, as those are completely seperate functions.

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I will spend a week or so reading them all and then get back if I have any more questions on this point. :cool: