C1 errors question on cdr media

There were some tests done with a TEAC writer review and they listed max and average C1 errors. Does a high max or ave C1 mean that the quality of the CDR is lower or vice versa.


                                                            Max          Ave          

Mitsubishi Chemicals 80min (24x) 57 6.3 3:25
Mitsubishi Chemicals 80min (32x) 27 1.5 3:13

Is the 24x cdr lower quality than the 32x?

The error rate there is not an indication of media quality, but it’s an indication of how good the burning process was done.

The higher value for mitsubishi 24x means nothing more than that this particular writers doesn’t like it. It might be vice versa on others.

Thanks alexnoe you have now clarified my question.
Further to that, how can I measure the C1 error myself. This will help me determine the best media for my burner.

This requires a LiteOn burner. Read the WSES guide in the LiteOn Forum.

What, can’t you do it with any burner?

Theorically you can, but you need special software for that burner, software that is only available inside the company. We just happen to have the LiteOn-software.
Oh, and Sanyo has its software for download at its japanese site, but that’s it.

OK, I just won’t test with c1 errors!

Thanks for all the info.