C1 errors- how many is acceptable

ok i am confused. after seeing many results from cdrlabs c1/c2 error checks i assumed that when c1 max is 6 or whatever number, that meant there was 6 c1 errors in total. however after buying a Ltr5224S and using kprobe i get a maximum of 5 or 6 c1 but a total of 250!! i thought 5 was the maximum but obviously i am wrong. anyway how many c1 is acceptable. i burned a taiyo yuden32x @ 16x and got like an average of 0.12, 251 total and 5 max. is this a good result?? :confused:


That sounds pretty normal, I usually get around 0.25-0.3 avg when burning 40x/48x TY at 40x.

C1 errors are a normal part of CD reading. Total numbers are usefull for comparison purposes only, as are average counts.
As long as there are no C2 errors, your disc is adequate for most needs. Many drives produce max rates in the hundreds on some discs before you start seeing C2.

I would be happy with those results. They are very good.


I’ve seen C1 rates in the range of 1000 max on a functioning CDR. We are quickly being spoiled by the newest F/W and drives producing C1 rates under 10. These discs exceed the quality of manufactured discs by quite a bit.

Here’s a scan of a 600MB manufactured disc, (from Microsoft):

Here’s a Ritek TG burned at 52x, 700MB:

Note the difference in the total and ave. error count.

thank you all for clearing that up:bigsmile: