C1/C2's with Premium


When I burn CD’s, and I perform Q-check for c1/c2 errors, I get sometimes some C2/CU errors. the CD’s seem to be pretty clean (Verbatim/Mitsubishi). What could cause that problem?


There are a number of things that can cause these errors like a damaged/smudged disc, a too high recording speed, low quality media, etc. Even though the disc seems to be perfectly burned there can always be CU errors on it. The same applies to C1 errors: these are always on a disc but are easily corrected by a drive when reading back the data. When you are getting C2 or CU errors make sure your drive is properly attached, you are using the right drivers, are running the latest firmware for your recorder, don’t use a too high recording speed. Good luck!

Hey Gamefreak,

Thanks for the reply, I use 40x speed on 48x certified media.

I thought PoweRec should take care of lowering speed when required, doesn’t it?

Yes in most cases PoweRec will reduce the write speed when it thinks that the quality is decreasing. However, PoweRec is not perfect so you should not use a too high recording speed. But this doesn’t apply in your case because your discs were certified for 48x recording. On the other hand though, certified speeds are also not always correct when you use low quality media. The 48x discs you were burning were Verbatim discs? Are these manufactured by Verbatim or another company? I bought some 48x Samsung discs made by CMC and they didn’t work very well at 48x or even 40x. At 32x they worked best for me. Are you using the latest firmware version already?


Yes, they were manufactured by Verbatim’s owner, Mitsubishi Chemical.
Yes, it’s 1.05. Worth mentioning that even at 24x, there are C2’s.

BTW, I tried finding TY media in my country, but failed :frowning:
I deal with high end audio equipment. and I can’t have c2 errors.
With my burner. came one TY media - it had the lowest C1 error rate I ever saw. 1230 for the whole cd, 52x burn.

I use latest chipset drivers (Intel 850E), along mith IAA.

what should I do?

again, thank you! :slight_smile: