C1 - C2 TEST CdAudio on PX 716

I now this is a nooby question…

This is my first burn of a audio CD, on the Plextor PX 716. It was made with CloneCd.
Also was burn at the “Hiperfast speed” of 8x :stuck_out_tongue:

After, i made a C1/C2 test.

2 Questions:
1º- Is this a good/normal result? The media is a TDK Metallic ( D-R80CBMEA25)

2º- I have also a PX 48/24/48 firm 1.06. Wich one, of the 2, is a better burner for audio CD`s? ( For those who are more experienced :wink: )?

Tks any reply,

This disc should be playable without skipping or stuttering in any CD player. It is a very good result.

However (there’s always a “however” when interpreting scans)…

Some people like their BLER scans to have no more than 2000-3000 C1 total, with averages under 2.0 and spikes no higher than 20. My opinion is this disc will never give you troubles, so what more could you ask?

BTW, why burn at 8x? I actually get better results on CD burns by letting it rip (pun intended) at 48x than the slower speeds.

PS. My Plextor PX712a could even read this thing (no, it didn’t create it):

TKS ftp1020!

I ALWAYS, burn my audio CD`s under 16x. Even before became a CDfreak… :cool:
Momentos ago i saw also a topic, with the same questions…after open this one :frowning:


So in conclusion, after this tread i can conclud, that is a aceptable record…

I think i will use my “old” PX 48/24/48, for audio records… :bigsmile:

(no, it didn’t create it):

Eh,eh,eh,eh,eh, of course! :bigsmile:

Tks a lot. I have now more clues to explore, and now can make C1/C2 test to both records and make a better judgment! :wink:

OK, but at least try a 48x and compare. I love the 2.5 minutes to burn, compared to the 18 minutes my old Panasonic CDR (no W!) took and here’s what a typical 48x burn on low-cost Ritek CDR looks like:

I must say that my Plex Premium performs fully equal if I’m burning 8x or 16x. So you may try faster speeds without much fear as ftp1020 suggested.

When firmware 1.02 was current, i made a simple test with Taiyo Yuden media: I recorded one disc at 4x, 20x and 52x.

Result: 52x was almost as good as 4x, 20x turned out much worse :smiley:

I’d like to add to what has been said in this thread.

BLER is a good indication of the quality of an audio CD burn, but jitter and beta should be taken into account as well because they may influence readability. So a Beta/Jitter Test scan would be necessary to call the above results good with complete confidence.

re: burning speed - the topic crops up every now and then, usually due to uninformed ppl coming in with “the lower the speed the better” adage. Without seeing the ATIP of the CD-R in question, it is hard to recommend anything but most of the contemporary media and burners are optimized for high speed writing. The only exception I know of is the Mitsui Ultradisc CD-Rs sold on the MFSL site. It also appears that a given burner will have a “sweet spot”, a speed where it performs best with a given media. That speed may not necessarily be the burner’s highest or lowest.

Mordorr, your scans will look a lot better if you cap them to PNG rather than JPEG.

Never Again:

Mordorr, your scans will look a lot better if you cap them to PNG rather than JPEG.

Sorry, i`m quiete new on this. I record the image as PNG, than as JPEG :confused:

Again, yes, i agree with you, when you saw there is a “spot” for each CD/DVD media and burner…
A good example is a DVD. When i insert a Memorex + R DVD 8x Printable, and burn it at 4x, the quality is worse. In fact, once, It did happen, for the first time, my Plextor 716 did inturrepted the record, with error, at 4x! :frowning:

Next i will try make more exams C1/C2 with the 48/24/48 Plextor :smiley:
I use for audio, TDK, and my favorites, CD AUDIO by Verbatim! ( don´t now the ID of them…).


When saving the image select PNG as this produces a clearer image than JPG.

and smaller

Remember to drop the bit depth 'tho (Or the PNG will be a lot BIGGER than the JPEG!! :slight_smile:

Just a quick tidbit of info - On my old (and thankfully dead) LiteOn 52327S burning at low speeds was actually worse than high speeds! The optimal speed I found was 40X, which produced the cleanest burns (Audio or Data CDs).
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Plextor also had certain ‘sweet spots’. Of course, I’m not going to use up that many discs finding out, but it’s something to bear in mind :slight_smile:


When saving the image select PNG as this produces a clearer image than JPG.


Well, once again, forgive-me my ignorance ( in this case isn`t a bless ), but after record the image on PNG, i get 2 separeted files, one a HTML and another PNG… :confused:

What should i do? Normaly i make a print screen, and go to MSPAINT…

Something is escaping to me…sorry folks! :rolleyes:

I think i´m gona use my old Yamaha SCSI 8x…that should be also nice to see it out perform…

Once again TKS. Now i need to burn, and take my own decisions! Find the “Spot” speed media/record! :wink:

P.S. - I think i have found it! On the MS PAINT, i must save it as PNG and not JPEG, correct? :stuck_out_tongue:

:bow: Hehe, yes!

But does MS Paint have an option to save as PNG file? In PlexTools itself, after performing the PI/PO scan you can right click on the graph and select save as image. Then select PNG and the file will be saved to your hard disk which you can then upload to this forum. But, this file will only show us the graph and not the exact amount of errors. If you want to show us this you have to save the graph as HTML file (also via PlexTools), make a Printscreen, paste it in your graphical software and then save it as PNG. I personally use Paint Shop Pro for this task.

not bad :cool: cd-r verbatim super azo.


But does MS Paint have an option to save as PNG file?

Yes it as! :iagree: Thanks once again. Im usin it 100% full charge!

PNG! Say it! PNG! :wink:

Later i will try another burn, same media at 32x… :bigsmile:

Thank you all! :smiley:

Here is the secund burn, this time at 32x, same media, same Plextor…

Some differences… :rolleyes:

Definitely worse, but you know what? I bet this one plays/reads fine, too. I’m just making the point that sometimes we around here are a little “graph-happy” :slight_smile: at times. Remember … that horrible scan I posted in message #3 was readable and only slowed down where the C2 errors were concentrated. It was fine even through the centre of that green tidal wave.

If you don’t mind Mordorr, try a 48x burn on your next CDR. I really do get the best (graphing!) results at that speed for that media. The 16x ones I’ve done aren’t even close.

Hi ftp1020!

Too Late! I did start a burn already, with my old friend Plextor 48/24/48, latest firm 1.06, at 32x, too…and did get a litle sad… :sad:

Here is the result, same media, of course…