C1/C2 - PI/PIF Testing -- Linux?

This is, right now, the only reason I boot into WinXP right now is to test a CD/DVD on every new spindle I have… Is there a C1/C2 PI/PIF scanner for Linux out there somewhere?

I had a LiteOn SOHW-1673S, but it unfortunately randomly stopped reading any media, so I just picked up a NEC ND3520A which I have read will soon be supporting error reporting :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Are any of the current ones compatible with WINE?

Hmm, I haven’t tried, but they would probably require me to use ide-scsi emulation in Linux which is deprecated and starting to “not work”, in order to use the windows program’s ASPI layer.

I know it’s bad to revive old threads, but as this one appeared the first result to my google query, the tools I found to test errors on CD in linux are:
QPxTool (tests C1/C2 and gives much informations)
cdck (which only test timing information and make a gnuplot)

QPxTool is stuck at version 0.6.1 because there’s currently no developer handling the project. You could probable compile it and see if it works with your distribution. I tried compiling it on Mac OS X and found out that it won’t compile properly even if with the correct libraries - but there is no official Mac support… :frowning:

QPxTool crashes for me when I start a scan but CD/DVD Speed works great with WINE and a SATA Drive.

Can you start qpxtool from console and post the output when qpxtool is crashing?