C1/C2 influence on Mode2 cdrs?



Hi everyone.
Sorry if this was asked, couldn’t find it.
I have read all the faqs about how to treat the C1/C2 errors on cdr(w)s.
I have already made many disks wich i recorded as Mode2. Which means i put about 795mb of data on regualr 700mb disks. I made them with Mode2CDmaker, and watch them back with direct show filter.
Anyway, i made them some time ago, when i was unaware of any possible future problems, and the reason was simply to improve quality of my TV recordgins. But there are also many Mode2 music and some data cd’s.

I’ll tell my assumption and anyone please tell me whether i’m right or wrong:

My assumption:
when regular mode1 700mb cd’s are written, there are amount of bytes that serves as error checking and correction, so when i write DATA cd’s in mode2 (795mb on 700mb cd) i use all those spare bits and there’s notheing left for error correction. As a result, smallest scratch will make them unreadable!?

Also, how to link C1/C2 errors to this issue? Is C1/C2 successful correction depends on these spare bits that i used for data?

Bottom line: Do i have to re-write my mode2 data cd’s when it’s not too late?