C1 and C2 scanning software

Can someone give me a name or link to software that scans for c1 and or c2 errors?


If you’ve got a LiteOn burner, then you can use the LiteOn Write Strategy Eval Sys - otherwise known as WSES.

Do a search for WSES on the forums, so you know how to get it :wink:

If you’ve not got a LiteOn drive, there’s not much chance of measuring C1 errors. And there are a good few programs which measure C2. Again, search the forums; all the info is here!

I’m using a TDK 48x16/24/48 drivem just got from Besy Buy. No c1 scanning options with it? It does not have lighton firmware.

Does WSES works with NTFS partitions??:confused:

Does WSES works with NTFS partitions??

No, you must put it on a FAT partition, or on your floppy. I made a small FAT partition and stuck all my DOS programs on there, then i just boot to a Win98 floppy and run them off the HD.

@ rdgrimes:TNX for the info…got the proggy…:smiley: