I’ve successfully wrapped the NeroCOM.dll and added the assembly to my project.

I’ve succesfully listed all the drives recognized by Nero. I’ve copied the VB code example, converted to C#.

I’ve added an callback function to ALL possible callback, both for the Nero client object and the NeroDrive object. I do not get any exceptions or warnings when the BurnIsoAudioCd is called.

All sound good, eh?.. but none of my callbacks are called, actually nothing happends. No error, no crash, no nothing. The program does not stop in the call of BurnIsoAudioCD, it returns without any result.

Anyone that might help me?

I’ve used the version and have also notet the problem with CDInfo. If called, the program will hand, or execute very slow.

Now I’ve also converted the demo VB6 program in the SDK to VB.NET and it does neither receive any events.