C++ software

Hey and a happy new year.
Can someone recommed me a C++ compiler? :bow:




Or, for the best speed (and highest cost) MSVC++ (Very nice, but not required) and ICL7.

actually, i think the highest cost would be sun’s compiler :wink:

There are many good compilers out there… I think you’d best make your decision upon the envirnment you want to use…

For easy developing, I think the Borland C++ builder is one of the best. You can download a evaluation version from the Borland website (www.borland.com).

A really good compiler and IDE is the Microsoft Visual Studio. Although I dislike many MS products, this is actually a pretty good one. There’s just one about it: it is really complicated and not suited for less-experienced users.

If you want a really simple IDE I think Dev C++ is the way to go. This program comes for free on sites like www.download.com. This product supports all the standard C/C++ stuff and does not have an huge amount of crap in it. I think you really should try this one if you are into simple development!

Thanks every one!!!:smiley: