C.S.I. Miami Music

This is probably dumb to anyone else but me but here goes. At the beginning of every episode theres a song that plays. It starts out with some music on the keyboard and then a cool yell, then more keyboard musc.

I can’t figure out the name of the song. I did some researchg and found that the music that plays after the aformentioned music, is The Who - Who Are You. So i listened to that song and it didn’t have the part im talking about. They’re 2 different songs. Something else i noticed is the unknown song ppears in the trailer for the movie Anger Management. This is relly bugging me because i have no clue who it is.

Any ideas?

Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who
Same one in the anger management trailer

wow, i had forgotten about this thread. Thanks for the reply, but i had found it a while after i posted.