C:/ResampleAudio.avi Access Denied




I’ve been trying to burn my avi files to a dvd, all the sudden while I’m on the Conversation Tab, I selected my an avi. file and i clicked “go” it says…


  • 12/17/2008 8:14:34 PM
  • AVI to SVCD Conversion
  • AVI2DVD ver. 1.2.3 build 1

EFCreateError Cannot create file “C:\ResampleAudio.avs”. Access is denied

Also another problem is while I’m trying to exit Dvd2svcd and it says

“Cannot create file ‘C:\dvd2svcd_log1.txt’. Access Denied.”

Any help is appreciated =)


Not enough free space or you’ve reached the file limit. Both of your examples above have both programs using the C: for file saving. Which typically isn’t normal, they should be using their own folders (usually the folder to which they are installed). If that is the case, if you open your C:\ drive, you’ll likely see it full of files. For reference, both of my PC’s here have about 12 system files on C:\ and that’s it.