C|net reviews Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD player

I just posted the article c|net reviews Microsoft’s Xbox 360 HD DVD player.

c|net has carried out a review of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 HD DVD player, which turned out some interesting results when compared against Toshiba’s HD-A1. As expected, unlike standalone DVD players…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12737-cnet-reviews-Microsofts-Xbox-360-HD-DVD-player.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12737-cnet-reviews-Microsofts-Xbox-360-HD-DVD-player.html)

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The digital/analog advantage for HDMI over component is suspect at best right now. Quite a few electrical engineers have opened up their new plasmas and LCDs to take a curious look only to find a cheap DAC just downstream of the HDMI port. One day when every set uses HDMI, analog inputs will be the bastard stepchild. Until then, be wary of falling into the digital/analog trap; over short cable runs, the degredation of an analog signal is miniscule.

I wonder if people are “blown away” by ATI’s decoding of H.264 movies.

btspm says “Quite a few electrical engineers have opened up their new plasmas and LCDs to take a curious look only to find a cheap DAC just downstream of the HDMI port.” really?? Does that mean it is converting digital back to analogue inside the box?

Yes- in a few cases, the analog portion of the signal chain is so poorly designed that signal degredation is not just possible, but likely. This is how the problem first caught peoples’ attention- when certain TV models were consistently having problems on their HDMI ports with severe green tinting, banding, and other problems that should never affect a pure digital signal. Ironically, the component inputs on these models often don’t show these problems since their internal routing is a holdover from before HDMI when analog signal interference was taken into account. It’s as if the design specs were drawn up with a pure digital signal in mind and at the last minute a DAC was added to cut costs without thinking of the consequences. Wouldn’t be the first time the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing in a major corporation. You would think that the problems would have been cleared up by now, but some TV manufacturers are still using their original plasma and LCD internal layouts and just upgrading components piecemeal or in software for newer models. Thankfully the original designs are slowly dying out and these problems will be a thing of the past in 2-5 years.

HDMI is crap, for now !!! Using analog is better, no problems with connections, well proven technology, and short cables gives good enough quality anyway. Works with any device. HDMI is for furure use, but for now, there is to much fighting about encryption, standards, changens for new revesions, cable problems and more. If the manufacturers of flat screens come up with there own connector so that HDMI on flatscreens where eays to replace (the components etc) then we could go for HDMI right now and only have to get a new HDMI “box” for the TV. This will be a problem as long as they keep fighting over the standard and… well you know… stick to analog for now.