C:\ error repair and registry cleaner?

Hi, does anyone know of a program that does a better job of error repairing than the microsoft c-drive one. And also does anyone know a good registry cleaner program, free ware, shareware deosnt matter what it is.
Thanks for any help.

A format & fresh install is the best registry cleaner :wink: . I never use any of these, but RegSeeker may be of interest to you.

Our fellow moderator crossg recently recommended CCleaner, which I would second as a good registry/tempfile cleaner. I’ve used it quite a lot and seems pretty safe.

just a note on ccleaner, it’s a great tool, but can be a pain if you don’t check the options carefully.

it will wipe out your cookies and saved form and password information from your web browser if you let it. some people like this as a security feature…i think it’s a pain from a convenience point of view.

if you use CCleaner, definitely go through a make note of what you’re checking off to be cleaned.

it’s a great tool though.

Just quick note but regseeker found 400errors, and cccleaner found only 50. i have noticed that with reg cleaners each one always finds a errors the other doesnt. i even tried out registry mechanic just to see what it would find and yet again found errors other programs didnt.

hi, again i also asked if anyone knew a good program better than microsft c:/error repair? if anyone could recoommed a better one that would be help full thanks.

rogue12, not sure what you have in mind but the windoze tool/command that I know about is; cmd-> chkdsk.
Don’t know about “c:/error repair”.

Almost any HDD manufacturer has some kind of sector repair tool (part of a bigger diagnostic app) at their support pages, so I suggest you to visit the one of your HD brand.

That’s the trouble with all of these programs, you’ll never know if they messed something up. There’s just one solution to your problems: zero-fill your hard disk, run the diagnostics to see if it’s still good and then start again from zero…

by zero fill you hard disk do you mean start from scratch like a reinstall of windows?
by the way i cant seem to find to manufacturer of my hard disk all it says for the the type is- (Standard disk device)
HDT72251 6DLA380 SCSI Disk Device.

zero fill is a low level format. it means exactly what it sounds like…the entire hard drive is filled with zeroes. if you’re not satisfied with your “fixes” you can do this. it’s certainly the simplest way to eliminate registry clutter and conflicts if you’re experiencing problems, but it’s a pain to reinstall windows and all of your programs afterwards :slight_smile:

also, no one knows what c:\ error repair is. are you talking about chkdsk?

and that hard drive should be a Hitachi if I’m not mistaken.

this page http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm will have a number of hitachi utilities “designed to help analyze, monitor, and restore the health of your drives”

i can’t testify to whether they are useful or not, but they can’t hurt.

these programs shouldn’t touch your data, but it notes on teh website that they are bundled with applications that can overwrite your hard drive so if you think you might screw something up, I’d err on the safe side and backup important data before using.

that’s just hte obligatory word of caution…I’m pretty sure if you can read and follow instructions you won’t run into problems like accidental erasure.

yes for c:/ error repair mean chkdsk. ill check out that website and see what happens. thanks

I use and recommend Amust Registry Cleaner. No problems so far. You can get it for a 40% discount here: http://www.downloads32.com/discounted-registry.htm

I heard good things about these apps too: CCleaner, Registry Mechanic from PCtools and Registry Booster from Webroot. :clap:

i should be a little more specific, all im after a program that a better alternative to chkdsk when error repairing.