C&C: Tiberian Sun



My name is Fredrik and i live in Sweden. I’m not so good at English, but I should try!!

I have a question about Tiberian Sun (again!)

My friend have a copy of C&C: Tiberian Sun on a CD-R. Now I wonder how I should copy it.
Is it just to copy like any other game or should I do something special??
Witch program should I use??
If I need some patch or crack, so please mail me the adress to that file!

Just one more question:
I want a list of how I should do when I copy Tiberian Sun in Nero 4.0
(Ex: 1. Press on…
2. Do so…)

I know this question have been asked many times, but I don’t understad you’r answer in those mails, so please answer this!!! PLEASE!!!

If you don’t understand my problem so please mail back so should I try to explain more!!!

THANKS if you answer this!!

Fredrik, Swedish boy

(Remember that I come from Sweden, so it can be some misstakes in this mail.
If you come from Sweden,so please write Swedish so I understand!!)

Thanks again!!


well first of all i’m not gonna give a full detailed explination of how to use nero…
there are things like manuals and help files.

as far as Ts is concerned…you can just make a copy like you always do…