C&C Tiberian Sun: Exact copy of cd, problem



I need to make an exact copy of Tib. Sun orig. cd´s. It is protected with SafeDisc.
My cd-rec is an Mitsumi 8 read / 4 write / 2 re-write.
I have Nero & WinOnCd
How do I make a exact working copy?
Any help wanted.


Welcome newbeeeeeee,

Go see the site: www.gamecopyworld.com
and be suprise what you may find there

a crack to make it work.



Thanks for helping, but I have been there.
They have some Sun.exe & Game.exe files to use, but when I update or want to play Internet, it won´t work. Because the files (game & sun.exe) are modified.
& then I won´t call it an exact copy.
Need more help, thanks


I’m sorry that i didn’t help ya

but have you tried to overwrite the crack files with the updated files?

It worked for me …at least with UT