C&C The First Decade - Tiberian Sun - SafeDisc 4.60.000



Hey CDFreaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Please move this if i am in the wrong forum, but i thought this would be the best place as the overall First Decade disc uses 4.60.000, IIRCā€¦

Im trying to find a SafeDisc remover for 4.60.000 for de-SafeDiscā€™ing the Tiberian Sun executable, so i can research and possiblily the DvD code for use in a project of mine. (Im from the C&C Modding Community btw)

I have tried using ā€œUnSafeDisc 4.60ā€ by ā€œARTeamā€, it starts out ok, but it gives me a error about writing to wrong memory locations.

I was wondering if anyone here knew about cracking it on executables, and could give me a hand :slight_smile:




Sorry but modifying game executables/cracking is illegal and not permitted by the forum rules.