C&C Renegade

I’m trying to make a backup copy of this game so i was wondering if there are any suggestions on wat program to use. Thnx For Any Help.

This all depends on your burner I guess… What type of burner to you have but if you after a program try CloneCD the lastest version of course…

I just did a 100% working backup of Renegade with my Yamaha CRW2100S SCSI cdwriter

Just used CloneCD 4 Beta 30, left all settings to default

(ProtCD for raeding + writing)

Read the original discs with my Yamaha (took about 15 minutes)

And burned them with it…

Copy installs fine and works ok

Tried it on a Lite-On LTD163D and a Toshiba GD7500…

Keep up the good work Olli!