C&C generals



um c&C generals zero hour disc 2 doesnt have safedisc 2.9 but its first disc does. but when i try to copy disc 2 it has an error in the reading part
i have tryed with many programs even have try coping the one file called language.cab the main file on the disc and it has an error called something like cirular read error please help :confused: :sad:


Have you tryed cleaning disk 2? It sounds like the disk could be diry or scratched.



Try reading it with Alcohol 120% at 1x, using the datatype ‘Video with BAD sectors’, that usually works for me, and mount it with a virtual drive, and see if it still occurs.


Hmm, Cirular read errors would’nt be the same as Cyclic Redundancy Check would it;). This error occurs when there is problems reading the Disc. Could be drive related, but highly likely that it is the Disc that is causing you woes. As stated before, has the disc got any defects on it or things that may stop a good read (Smudges, scratches, dirt etc.)

Also, is this an original disc you are reading from?


I have the same problem. CD is original and has Safedisc (CD1), but I have many read errors during making image in Alcohol 120% (even on Video CD with BAD sectors). I wonder if there is any way how to do image off hat CD… :sad:


I know this is an old thread but I stumbled upon it searching for an answer about something else. Hopefully this’ll be helpful.
I have that game and I’ve made an image of it before but it was a long time ago. I think what you should do is this:

  • Install the game and start it, once you get to the menu, alt-tab out of the game
  • Make the image using Alcohol 120%, using the mdf format
  • The game has to be running when the image is being done
  • It is possible that alcohol needs to be opened while the game is being installed/started.

This method has worked for me for other titles too, but it’s certainly not flawless. The other thing is I think the images will be too big for 700mb/80min cds.


thats not how i made my copies. i just let it run with the read errors. that is part of the protection. then after that it gets the data. i used Alcohol 120. forgot what settings. i think just the general safedisc 2/3 setting. the copies work