C & C Generals ZH

Hi all, I have a rather peculiar problem to ask your help on. I have this expansion cd and I want to make a backup. I checked at makeabackup.com site for the copy protection type and it reports Safedisc 2.90.040. I go with Alcohol (v 1.4.7) and make an image using vanilla safedisc (not 2/3) profile. I proceed burning the image using the same profile on my Asus 5224A (fw 1.00) burner (at 4x). The strange thing is: a) it doesn’t play from the cd (using both Toshiba DVD-SDM1712 without Ignore Media type and Plextor-PX708A WITH IMt), and that would not be so strange if not for b) it SOMETIMES plays from the virtual drive when I mount the image and some other times it doesn’t. Most times it does. Whenever it refuses to play, the message is always the same: this programme is to be closed and tell Microsoft if you want…bla bla. What gives? Why is the image acceptable and unacceptable at the same time? Hope you can explain it to me, because I’m at loss.

P.S.: I forgot to mention I used the Asus as reader, too. Media used is Plextor’s own (TY made).

does it work from the original cd???
if not it is a hardware / driver problem…

try reading with the toshiba at 4x speed (could take some time… :iagree: )
and writing also at 4x speed…
yes. and use the safedisc profile (not 2/3)…
why don’t you use alc 1.4.8 ???

Hi. Thanks for the reply. To answer your questions…: yes, it does play from the original, no problem there. It also plays from the image… What I did over the weekend was to experiment with settings. And guess what I discovered. It worked flawlessly with burning speed set to 10x and EFM ENABLED. I never would have thought that it would work, but it did. Backup is now fully operational, replacing the original. I am out of words for this, as I thought that if EFM was enabled it would actually damage the image since, for Assus, it should really be disabled.