C+c generals zero hour

i’ve got a two sheep writer, is there any chance of me being able to back this up?

Most, though not all, 2 sheep writers can copy this game (safedisc 2.9) successfully. All can do so if you don’t mind emulation being used.

What writer (and what other reading devices, if any) do you have?

i have the incredibly well known teac dw-244e, and no other reading devices. what does emulation entail?

So well known that I’ve never heard of it. :o :bigsmile:

Nevermind. If it’s a 2 sheep writer, try using alcohol with safedisc 1 datatype settings making sure you enable Ignore media type before trying to play from the back-up copy since your only reading device is a writer. If that doesn’t work, try using safedisc 2 datatype settings. (Tip: experiment with a cdrw to avoid coasters.)

If neither works then you’ll probably need to use some form of emulation. The easiest is to just use CloneCD with the default Game CD profile (or the safedisc 2 ignore profile that you can download from the profiles sticky on the CloneCD forum). A copy made in that way will work so long as CloneCD is installed on the system and hide cdr media is activated.

cheers, i’ll give it a go

Originally posted by philamber
So well known that I’ve never heard of it. :o :bigsmile:

Many people are under the impression teacs are the best readers because cdmediaworld had a few results and some teac models were listed as best readers ever to buy. This was actually somewhat of a long time ago.

it came with my reasonably new compaq nx7000 laptop, so i assume it’s fairly recent