C&C Generals Zero Hour working mds or bwa

After 3 days seraching :Z for 1 working mds or bwa file for C&C Generals Zero Hour i finaly give up. Can anyone send me this file or post where i can download it?
Hope someone can help me.

Thanks :bow:

Why do you need MDS for Safedisc ???

As R!Co has pointed out you do not need and MDS/BWA file to make a backup of C&C Generals Zero Hour as it is protected with Safedisc 2.90.040
An MDS/BWA file is only need for SecuRom 4.8+ backups.

Ok now i now why i can’t find anything.Thanks
My problem is i have the images of the cds as a bin/cue and i tryd to run the game with deamon tools with savedisk emulation on, but it dosen’t work. So i thought MDS/BWA contain aditional information for all copy protections and maybe help me to run it.
Now i know that it dosen’t, after reading the help what i should have don in the first place.
I have only this files to get it to run. So what can i do without using a crack ?

MDS/MDF, Alcohol’s native format, do contain extra information that Bin/Cue doesnt have. Read with the SafeDisc profile and you should get a nice image.

Can’t get a second image of the cd’s. So there is no way to get the existing images to work?

If you can’t get a 2nd image of the cd’s I guess perhaps you should buy them.
This will enable you to rip a good image of them legally.


Jumping the gun aint we KitnaIsntHappy?

Try cleaning media.

Not really. If there’s no way that he can get a second image of the cds, it’s as plain as a pike-staff that he doesn’t have the original cds. Thread closed. :cop: