C&C Generals latest patch makes my backup NOT work (online)

I went online to play C&C Generals early this morning and I was playing my backup just fine. I later downloaded some newer maps to play against the pc and I get an error “technical difficulties”? I uninstalled the game and reinstalled and I can play the game fine now(no cd patch). Anyone know what this latest patch brings the Safedisc cd protection version to? Is there a fix? Original game was backed up using Alcohol 120 with a Polaroid BurnMAX48x using the Safedisc 2 datatype profile. Backup won’t play in my Litey as well.

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(no cd patch)

Illigal cracks and patches cannot be talked about on CD Freaks.

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Illigal cracks and patches cannot be talked about on CD Freaks. [/B]

Chriso, what Shoebedobedoo was referring to was the game running OK after re-installing but without applying the official upgrade patch that apparently caused his problems.

@ Shoebedobedoo

I presume that the patch upgrades the prot to sd 2.9 but, not having done so myself, perhaps someone else can confirm.

Sorry for any confusion and thank you phil for cleaning up my mess. The latest official update patch won’t allow one’s backup to work if one plays online just one time, then play against the pc (scenerio\skirmish mode). How do I determine after updating the official patch what Safedisc version the game really is?

@Chrisso I’ve been around this forum long enough to know not to post about no cd patches, so forth, so on…

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Download safedisc analyser at:


and check the .exe file after applying the patch.

I think it may be someone cheating. Do you get this as you are about to win? I am not sure, but I encounter this problem as I am winning usually.